Trainings in the filed of Resettlement

The design of the project includes a package of 4 interrelated activities as follows: Activity 1 - Organization and project management Action 2 - Study of the training needs and assessment of the level of knowledge of the target groups Activity 3 - Conducting training seminars and developing a collection of training materials Action 4 - Information and publicity As a result of the envisaged activities, the training needs and the assessment of the level of knowledge of 90 employees of local administration with competence in the area of ​​resettlement will be studied. Questionnaires for needs assessment will be developed, disseminated and analyzed. On this basis, a training seminar program will be set up and 3 one-day training seminars with 30 participants each will be organized and held. The project activities are expected to increase the capacity of local authorities to understand and apply the resettlement process. For the purpose of the training, a set of training materials will be developed and practical guidelines, as well as a collection of training materials for employees of the competent local structure that are not directly covered by the activities of the project. A set of measures will be undertaken to ensure a good level of publicity and awareness.

Проектът се финансира по дейност „Изпълнение на мерки за подобряване на административния капацитет; семинари и обучения на персонала, установяване на партньорства с държави членки, участие в мисии в бежански центрове“, национална цел 3 „Презаселване“, специфична цел 1 ”Подобряване развитието на всички аспекти на Общата европейска система за убежище”, Национална програма на България за подпомагане от ФУМИ за периода 2014 – 2020.


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