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The European Institute Foundation is an independent civil organisation established in 1999. Throughout the first stage of its development, it provided support to the process of Bulgaria's preparation for accession to the European Union. 

After that national strategic goal was achieved, the European Institute has continued working towards Bulgaria's accelerated and complete integration into the European structures, and also towards enabling the Bulgarian society to effectively participate in the process of formulation and implementation of European policies.

The European Institute has four main areas of activity:

  • Research activities – the emphasis is placed on wider policy areas related to EU accession and the enlargement process in general; 

  • Technical assistance – provision of advice to a range of governmental and non-governmental organizations on specific issues related to the EU accession;

  • Raising public awareness – implementation of projects stimulating public debate on EU enlargement and informing the public at large about the costs and benefits of accession;

  • Training and exchange of experience – strengthening the capacity of various institutions and professional groups on the issues of Eurointegration, EU pre-accession instruments and structural funds, as well as the exchange of experience between applicant countries and associated countries of South Eastern Europe on matters of Eurointegration.


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