Sunday, 27 September 2020


A one-year project entitled EUROPE CLASS started in February 2012. It is implemented by the European Institute in partnership with the Union of Bulgarian Teachers, and is co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, Jean Monnet Programme, Information and Research Activities for "Learning EU at School".

The goal of the project is to build up the capacity of Bulgarian secondary school teachers all over the country to plan and deliver classes on the topic of the European Union at Bulgarian schools with the help of EUROPE Class Handbook on teaching EU integration studies - an exhaustive, updated and tailor-made pedagogical and didactic material. The project covers approximately 500 secondary school teachers from all planning regions in Bulgaria.

The main output of the project is the EUROPE Class Handbook which is published and disseminated in two versions: for teachers of lower and upper secondary school pupils. The handbook is consulted with the target group teachers at workshops held in 6 Bulgarian cities/towns. The first round of 3 workshops is planned for May 2012 in Sofia, Plovdiv and Vratsa. The workshops also include lectures to teachers on topics of EU integration, which were identified by themselves through surveys. Finally, two EUROPE Classes will be piloted at two secondary schools in Sofia in order to test the efficiency of the Handbook and the enhanced knowledge of teachers after the training workshops.