Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Friends against the Violence

On 1st September 2009 the European Institute launched the project “Friends against the Violence”, financed by the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria for the year 2009.

The project aims at encouraging the debate on the problems, related to aggression and violence among children and youth, as well as at building, reaffirming and spreading the values when young people communicate in the light of solving the problem with the increasing aggression.

Some of the main aims are youth inclusion in the social life, the improvement of their awareness as regards their rights of protection against violence, the creation of mechanisms for a regular dialogue between youth and the institutions and organizations which work in the field of education and fight against violence.

“Friends against Violence” will comprise people ageing between 7 and 18, teachers and parents from three Bulgarian cities/towns.

A research aimed at identifying the regions in Bulgaria with high rates of violence among children and youth will be conducted. Consequently, there will be prepared a publication with information about how to file a claim for violence, what the procedures are, towards whom young people, being victims or witnesses of aggression and violence, should refer, which are the hot telephone lines to which they could call, as well as proposals and measures for coping the problems, related to violence among youth.

Another principal aim is the conduction of discussion meetings and thematic and role games with children and youth. Their format and content will be prepared by a psychologist. In the work with children and youth will be engaged a team of proven specialists.

At the end of the project the results from the activities will be presented as well as recommendations to the institutions for a proper reform in the fight against the violence among young people policy. There is also previewed a final discussion meeting.

The implementation period of the project is 12 months.