Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Definition and Measuring of the Administrative Weight, Deriving from the responsibilities for Informing the Business, and Propositions for Their Decrease

The European Institute in partnership with Deloitte Bulgaria Ltd and "Strategma" Agency implemented the project "Definition and Measuring of the Administrative Weight, Deriving from the responsibilities for Informing the Business, and Propositions for Their Decrease", the Ministry of Economy and Energetics being contracting authority.

The main goal of the project was the identification of the information duties of the economic operators, resulting from the national legislation, which is not an obligatory consequence of the implementation of the European legislation, measuring the current state of the administrative expenses, related to the duty of informing and formulating propositions for decreasing these administrative expenses. The project ran in three stages:

  • Module 1 - Identification of the duties of providing information;
  • Module 2 - Measuring of the current administrative expenses;
  • Module 3 - Formulating propositions for decreasing the administrative expenses.

33 laws and the subdelegated legislation, related to them, fall within the scope of the project. They don't transpose the European legislation, namely they represent "fully Bulgarian legislation". As a base year for the research is chosen 2007 - namely the legislation is to be researched as to 31/12/2007, and the value of the administrative weight and expenses represent the value of these for the year 2007.

The researched laws are as follows:

  1. Law for the duty-free trade
  2. Law for the associations with special investment aim
  3. Law for the state property
  4. Law for the state taxes
  5. Law for the state debt
  6. Law for information about unserviced credits
  7. Law for the mortgage bonds
  8. Law for the deals with compensatory instruments
  9. Law for state collections
  10. Law for the protected territories
  11. Law for the preservation of the soil against contamination
  12. Law for the administrative regulation of the production and trade with optic discs, matrices and other bearers, containing objects of the author's right and its related rights
  13. Law for the state reserves and its war-time reserves
  14. Law for the crafts
  15. Law for the concessions
  16. Law for the small and medium enterprises
  17. Law for the investment incentives
  18. Law for the commodity exchanges and for the stock markets
  19. Law for the agricultural tenancy
  20. Law for the restitution of the property over the forests and terrains from the forest fund
  21. Law for the forests
  22. Law for the hunting and the protection of the game
  23. Law for the protection of the agrarian lands
  24. Law for the preservation of the agricultural property
  25. Law for the irrigation associations
  26. Law for the property and the usage of the agrarian lands
  27. Law for the conservation and trade with grain
  28. Law for the tobacco and the tobacco products
  29. Law for the health
  30. Law for the health insurance
  31. Law for the medical institutions
  32. Law for the medical plants
  33. Law for the private protective activity

In the course of the project 407 laws for modification were identified in the total of 27 laws.

The overall amount of the administrative expenses on the projects' examination in 2007 is equivalent to 162 million levas, being 64% administrative burden, which are equivalent to 103 million levas.